Scary Fun Healthy Halloween Snack ideas!

Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas!

With less than two weeks to go before Octo­ber 31st, it’s offi­cially time to start plan­ning those Hal­loween par­ties. And I cer­tainly don’t need to tell you that the last thing our lit­tle ghosts and gob­lins need is more oooey-gooey sug­ary desserts. I’m excited about this list of fun and healthy Hal­loween treats, and I hope you will be, too! (For those of you who can only bring store-bought food to school func­tions, you could do the Clemen­tine Jack ‘o Lanterns, Mummy Pop­corn Cups, Pump­kin Pie Par­faits and Bat Cheese and Full Moon Crackers–provided you’re allowed to assem­ble the food at school prior to the party.)

Dark choco­late apples.


 I made these at home on a whim a few weeks ago, and my husband and friends thought they were a great treat. They were really easy to make, too! Look for the any apples that you can find. Twist the stems off the apples and stick a pop­si­cle stick in the core of each one. Melt dark choco­late in the microwave or a dou­ble boiler. Dip the apples in the choco­late, then place on a parch­ment paper-lined bak­ing sheet. Place in the refrig­er­a­tor or freezer briefly until the choco­late sets. As you can see, mine have that imper­fect home­made look, but I’m pretty sure the no one cared.

Clemen­tine Jack ‘o Lanterns


This if a fun one for the kids if carving a pumpkin is to much work for your little ones! Use a black per­ma­nent marker ( or waterproof markers) to draw a Jack ‘o Lantern face on clemen­tines or small tan­ger­ines or navel oranges. Alter­na­tively, you could cut out the shapes on a black adhe­sive craft paper and and stick them on the orange. Either way, you should be sure to wash the orange thor­oughly first to remove any oils and residues from the peel. This is always a great activity!

Monster Mouths for Halloween

Monster Mouths for Halloween


Pick out some yummy granny smiths. Peanut butter and some yogurt covered raisins.  Cut them in half and place together!

Blackberries and Cheddar Cheese Monsters sticks


Blackberries and spooky Cheddar Cheese. Cut into squares and assemble!



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