Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I can almost smell the spring flowers blooming! What a better way to tell your loved one that you love them by giving them the gift of health? If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift Idea then you came to the right place! Start your Valentine’s Day right with sending your partner, friend, co-worker, or anyone else who needs some LOVE a box of delicious, 100% certified organic produce!

What if you could change the way your loved one felt or even just push the accelerator on getting them to a whole new state of feeling good inside and out? If feeling good is your main goal (and when you get down to it, that’s what we’re all after), then you’re going to need some tools to help you get there. This is the time of year to pull out all the stops and get your loved ones on the path of health. Your answer is right here! Tampa Bay Organics makes giving the gift of health extremely easy. With fresh, certified organic fruits and veggies delivered to your loved ones’ front door, there won’t be any reason for them to not feel loved inside and out! One customer wrote to us “I found a wonderful surprise at my door today:)!!!! Your produce puts a smile on my face! Thank you so much. You made my day and I want you to know how much I appreciated the gift.” Wouldn’t it be nice to have the same reaction from your loved one? There is no better gift then giving the gift of health this Valentine’s Day. Do something different and make a difference in their life! Perhaps you’ll get a little extra loving, too!

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Organic Baby Food! Sweet Potato Puree

Sweet Potato Puree


Sweet Potato Puree has been a long-time first baby food. This particular recipe was inspired from the sweet potato puree recipe in the children’s cooking book entitled Start Fresh by Tyler Florence. This cookbook is absolutely amazing. I recommend grabbing a copy for it merges infant, babies, toddlers, children and adult recipes that cut down on your cooking time without cutting down on the flavor.

To make sweet potato puree… Bring water to a boil in a large pot. Cut sweet potatoes into 1 inch chunks. Place potatoes in the pot. Steam them for about 15 minutes. You want to potatoes to be tender. Transfer potatoes (and some warm water from your boiled water) to a blender. Puree until is smooth. Here is the extra trick- add a few squeezes of lemon for additional flavor.

Once you have your puree made, you have options with recipes:
1. Serve your child in the pure form as pureed sweet potato.
2. Use the same steps as preparing the potato puree but add in 1-2 pears for a combination of these two sweet and wonderful tastes.
3. Sweet Potato Pancakes:
Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Mix Flour (2 cups), sugar (1/4 cup), baking powder (2 teaspoons) and baking soda (1/2 teaspoon) until it is all blended. Use another bowl to mix 3 eggs, buttermilk (2 cups), and butter (1 tablespoon). Stir wet mixture into the flour mixture. Stir in as much sweet potato puree as you want. Heat a large skillet or pan and begin making pancakes. You can also stick blueberries in as you make the pancakes for an extra kick of fruit.

Pumpkin ALERT** I recently tried to add some pureed pumpkin as well and it was awesome!!