Eat and Support Local

There are so many awesome benefits to eating organic food! Did you know that when you buy organic produce you are helping to support local farmers, you have a helping hand in eliminating soil erosion, your allowing wild life to thrive, supporting the effort to strengthen species of foods  and let’s not forget it tastes so much better. Often times we forget that what we eat is fuel for our bodies, we can fill it with sugar and crash or fill it with fresh, delicious organic produce and keep the engine roaring. This week Tampa Bay Organics is reaching out to you to spread the word on just how awesome organic produce can be. Get your typing fingers ready, write a review and receive an instant $10.00 credit. Any organic loving teachers out there? Let us set up a Market at your school and win a free medium box! Refer a friend, after their third box is delivered, enjoy a $10.00 credit. Shout it from the rooftops and don’t hide how much you love organic produce! 

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